Project Description


Award-winning gourmet balsamic vinegar from the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia, has been delivered in bulk to southern China after Alpine Berry Farm won a supply contract with a major food and beverage distributor in Guangzhou.

Careful preparation ensured that the products were compliance-tested for the Chinese market by Dominion House and correctly labelled in advance of our representations at major trade shows in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Post-show due diligence and relationship-building from the Dominion House team ensured that all stakeholders could successfully navigate the negotiation, contract, production, delivery and payment phases for a win-win result.

Our Manufacturing clients view the Asian market as an opportunity to be approached with enthusiasm, caution and in a strategic manner for sustainable success. They choose Dominion House’s Managed Distribution for market entry, product sourcing and OEM manufacturing services to increase revenue, cut costs and reduce risk.