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Vietnam Cooperation

Thursday, 21 March 2019

TILT Industrial Design‘s Tim Phillips and Dominion House’s Jeremy Barnett recently attended an official signing ceremony of strategic cooperation with Dat Xanh Group for their One River Luxury Villas development in Da Nang, Vietnam, part of an exciting opportunity to design and supply multiple custom skylights for the resort later this year. TILT was acknowledged and warmly welcomed as one of Australia’s leading industrial design firms for the built environment.
Dat Xanh Group is a pioneer in smart housing and clean energy in Vietnam and continues to invest in the development of luxury housing. Tilt works with market entry partner Dominion House who specializes in sustainable design solutions for the built environment in Asia.
Since 2005, Dominion House offers its clients areas of capability in foreign markets, within which they can operate with the full advantage of local knowledge. and an immediate presence in Asia without the risk. ASIA BY DESIGN 2019 is a market entry strategy for companies prepared to invest in their own success in Asia.
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‘Dominion House is assisting Tilt Industrial Design to assess sales opportunities in Asia with ASIA BY DESIGN 2019. We look forward to building a stronger global company based on this competitive advantage and utilisation of distribution networks identified by Dominion House’.
Tim Phillips, Managing Director, TILT Industrial Design