Dominion House partners with providers of innovative and sustainable design solutions for the built environment, and engages with forward-thinking firms in markets across Asia. We simplify cross-border projects and offer a suite of services including market entry solutions, strategic sourcing, contract manufacturing and quality management. Our offices are located in Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our Story

Established since 2005, we provide specialist supply chain management services to our clients in Australia and across Asia.

Our experienced executives in China and Southeast Asia work with Australian account managers to meet our clients’ objectives.

Our clients are export-ready SMEs with innovative design solutions for the green building industry.

Our portfolio includes design solutions that reduce human impact on nature, and products aligned with the principles of biophilic design –to bring natural light, ventilation and greenery into the built environment.

Together we contribute to versatile and sustainable living spaces for our own well-being and our planet’s.

Our Value

Offering a vast purchasing and supply network, we manage the manufacturers and distributors you need to get your product made to standard and within budget, or sold to satisfied consumers. Our clients in Manufacturing, Design and Construction access quality strategic sourcing and distribution services to cut costs and reduce risk.

  • Direct access to Asian suppliers and distributors
  • Comprehensive guidance on import & export tariffs, Customs regulations, and pricing
  • Established design, certification and logistics resources
  • Top quality management including pre-production sampling and production monitoring

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