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5B Solar
5B is a clean technology innovation powerhouse that accelerates access to low-cost, safely deployed, gigawatt-scale solar energy. They are transforming solar technologies to realise our vision of a world where abundant, accessible, and affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs. 5B is focused on delivering solar solutions which are safer, faster, lower-cost, lower-risk and more energy dense than conventional fixed-tilt or single-axis tracking technologies. 5B has a strong track record of commercialising and licensing innovative solar solutions, with more than 33 MW of 5B solar technology deployed globally.
Dominion House's custom manufacturing solutions support innovation in renewables with management of price, quality and resilient supply chains for global impact. For 5B, Dominion House identified a reputable manufacturer to produce custom-machined aluminium extrusions for modular solar panel units. The project included an initial guided client visit to the factory north of Shanghai, along with management of the pre-production sampling process and eventual quality assurance program for mass production.
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